A microlight is essentially a hang-gliding sail equipped with two seats and an engine, but the one in Exmouth also comes with a fully qualified pilot, of Birds Eye View, who has boundless enthusiasm for the Ningaloo region. He’ll take you high above whale sharks, humpbacks and dolphins as they swim on the surface of the ocean in plain sight. The microlight delivers a drone-like perspective and comes very close to the feeling that you are actually flying.  If you’re keen, the pilot will teach you how to fly the microlight, at first with the engine on and then with it switched off.


Swim with gentle whale sharks. There may be 500 species of tropical fish within Ningaloo Marine Park, but one in particular really gets the heart racing: the giant but gentle whale shark. Swimming with one of these beautiful creatures is one of life’s most breathtaking experiences. Ningaloo is the only place on the planet where large numbers visit every year from April to July, so close to land. Strict protections are in place to care for threatened species and all charter boats collect data for scientists and conservationists to ensure Ningaloo’s aquatic visitors stay safe. 


Be joined by a marine biologist whose focus is on humpback whales and their long-distance migration from Antarctica to the remote, faraway coasts of the Pilbara and Kimberley. The biologist research focuses on the energetics of the humpback whale migration - the longest migration of all mammals. The biologist is amazed by the energetic feat of suckling young calves and migrating tens of thousands of kilometers using energy accumulated entirely in the Antarctic. The biologist is devoted to learning more about this amazing lifecycle and is excited to share their passion and enthusiasm about these incredible animals with you.


Start off with some morning tea before entering into the world of Paspaley. A rare opportunity to witness one of Paspaley’s pearl farms. Discover the pearl farming process and the techniques used to produce the world’s rarest and most valuable pearls.

Lunch will be on board the famous MV Paspaley 4, their most advanced pearling vessel, working in the remote pearl farms off Australia’s north west.

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