Melbourne has fast become the envy of the world’s street art scene. See Melbourne’s best artists at work and the chance to learn the skill of street art.

Then, watch them battle it out as they create a unique piece based on a topic of your choosing.



Exploring Tasmania’s Noah’s Ark Island ! 

Maria Island, is a world heritage listed national park just off the east coast of Tasmania. It’s tranquility combined with its natural beauty, rare wildlife and fascinating history makes it a unique and special place. One of Tasmania’s most acclaimed wildlife naturalist experts will provide fascinating insights into the lives of the various rare and unusual birds and animals that inhabit this remarkable “Noah’s Ark” island sanctuary - the most recent of which is the endangered Tasmanian Devil which were introduced to the island recently to form a “breeding insurance population”.

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Welcome to Great Oyster Bay, home to some of the juiciest and most delicious seafood in Australia.

Located on Freycinet peninsula, along the spectacular Great Eastern Drive, our pristine waters, fresh air and the abundance of sea life make for perfect oyster farming conditions. 

Our head guide Declan is a real deal oyster farmer down at Freycinet Marine Farm, working along side the wonderful Giles & Julia Fisher to produce high quality pacific oysters and mussels, delivered straight from the farm to the shop. 

It doesn't get any fresher than eating oysters straight out of the ocean. So we invite you to pop on some waders, wade out into the waters, harvest oysters straight off the rack, and enjoy our authentic oyster farm tasting experience