Private fly-trekking with gorillas, stay in a private lodges. The overall length of your hike to the mountain gorillas is unpredictable depending on how far the gorillas have moved being wild animals. It may take as little as 30 minutes to find your gorilla family and as long as five to seven hours.The forest is verdant, humid and somehow light and there are no discernible trekking paths. The terrain is full of hills and steep volcano slopes where you will be required to pull yourself up steep grades by grasping onto branches, plant roots, bushes and more. Follow the lead of the guide as to the best path and form to take. If you need a break, let your guide know.




For game drives, you will be accompanied by a guide who is very knowledgeable about the park and the wildlife in the park. These guides are a source of information for you. With our safari vehicles, the Akagera can be accessed from Kigali in about 2 hours drive . Akagera national park is one of the few national parks where you can go on a game drive at night. Using spotlights to see animals in the night can be surreal and exciting. Some of the animals that are hard to see during the day, the predators especially come out at night and can be seen on a nocturnal game drive. Leopards, hyenas, civets, and bush babies are some of the animals you might see at night in Akagera. You might also see some nocturnal birds.



The village is fascinating with a variety of cultural experiences it can offer, and probably the best way to get to know the local people, their culture, and their ‘ways of living” is to take part in daily life activities. Agricultural tourism will be part of the wider experience where guests will join local people when they go to their agricultural fields to work and learn about their work, harvest and participate in food preparation and making processes like millet grinding using stones, carrying potatoes and water on their heads, and attend lessons and participate in preparing a local dish i.e. (Ubugari, Igikoma etc).




Golden monkeys trekking takes place in Volcanoes national park and at the same time 7:00 just like gorillas. These rare species are also listed as endangered – and Volcanoes national park currently has two habituated golden monkeys’ troops that are available for visiting by tourists in the park, both of which make about 80 members.