The National Geographic Endurance, sister ship to the National Geographic Resolution, is a 126-guest innovative polar expedition ship sailing in Antarctica and the Arctic. The ship’s motto is “To Explore and Understand the World” and was named after the great explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ship, The Endurance.


Set to begin sailing in the first quarter of 2020, this educational polar vessel has a specifically designed hull to break through the tough pack ice, increasing the ability to explore these hard-to-reach destinations and making new expeditions possible.


Her polar ice class 5 rating allows her to operate during any time of the year in polar environments, vastly expanding the range of exploration in Antarctica and the Arctic. Her ability to venture deeper paired with state-of-the-art educational equipment and highly qualified guides, create an in-depth intellectual and truly exploratory experience. 

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· Builder : Crist Shipyard (Gdynia Poland )

                 Ulstein Veft (Ulsteinvik , Norway)
· Speed : 17kn / 31kph / 20 mph 
· Length (LOA) : 124m / 407ft 
· Owner :Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc
· Operator : Lindblad National Geographic Cruises

· Capacity: 126 guests
· Year build : 2020 
· Ice Class : 5 
· Crew : 112
· Decks : 9
· Cabins : 69

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