Ms. Zhou Jun, The founder of 123 Club - a bespoke travel agency, is an iconic modern woman who seeks and appreciates the notion of beauty in all its forms. Over the past decade, Zhou Jun had traveled to more than 60 countries to discover the hidden gems in nature as well as cultures. Through these journeys she had, she understood the meaning of experiential travel and the travel expectations of other travelers.


In 2016, many start-ups and traditional agencies started doing “tailor-made” itineraries. However, most could not meet the requests made by individual clients. Later in 2018, Zhou Jun decided to turn her hobby into a business – 123 Club, a bespoke travel club for like-minded high-end clients. To take on the mission of being the pioneer and set refreshing new trends and standards for the bespoke travel industry. 


01  Experiential Travel

Traditional agencies are losing appeal to most high-end clients for a simple reason: the similarity and superficiality. We emphasise on immersive adventures, matching the uniqueness of each destination with the needs of each client, letting them escape from their daily lives and rediscovering the beauty of the world.


02  Personal Touch

  • To create the most intimate and exclusive itinerary for each guest

  • For peace of mind during the journey. We will have our 24/7 butlers on standby.

  • We believe that a wonderful experience should encompass not only innovative experiences and a comprehensive understanding of the local community but also the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and the ability to solve any problems or issues that may arise during the journey.

For those who love life, strive for quality and pursue the finer things in life, you will be able to savour each moment of the journey.


03  The way we work

  • We establish a bespoke travel company in the form of a club, inviting like-minded souls to join and explore the extraordinary meaning of each journey.