Standing at the top of the Earth, a glass of champagne in hand – and everywhere you look is south. 


50 Years of Victory, the world’s most powerful nuclear icebreaker. Crush through multiyear Arctic ice, sightsee by helicopter on the lookout for iconic wildlife, or take a tethered hot-air balloon ride at 90º N, weather permitting. Some places on our planet are so out of reach that their very isolation has stirred generations of explorers into voyages of adventure and discovery. One such place is the North Pole. Join us on a historic voyage to 90° north - The Top of the World.

Only very few vessels have the power to negotiate the challenging ice of the Arctic Basin. A new addition to the Arctic fleet, the 50 Years of Victory is the world's largest, most powerful and sophisticated icebreaker every constructed. With 75,000 total horsepower and an LL1 ice rating (the highest possible), the Victory is unmatched in it's ability to move through ice. The ship is a model of technology - and of passenger comfort.

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· Passengers: 128
· Staff and crew: 140 
· Length: 160 m
· Class : LL1 The highest possible rating
· Owner : Russian Federation
· Operator : Quark Expeditions & Poseidon Expeditions
· Builder : Baltic Shipyard 
· Cruising Speed : 18 Knots in open water
· Registration : In Russia by Rosatomflot


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